Kino no Tabi Volume 15 Chapter 2 “Land of Mania -What I Want & Why I Want-“

Kino no Tabi Volume 15 Chapter 2

“Land of Mania -What I Want & Why I Want-”


“Welcome traveler! And motorad too! Welcome to my glorious armory!”

“Wow… So many… The wall is completely covered with persuaders.”

“It’s like the whole building is filled with them! How many are there?

“853 rifles, 389 buckshot persuaders, 211 full-auto rifles, and 1504 hand persuaders. I have 33 eccentric ones as well; belt buckle persuaders, musical instrument persuaders, and other odd shapes. Tomorrow I receive 29 more I ordered for the collection.”



“I use all the money I earn on persuaders! It raises my spirits to know that my armory benefits when I labor.”

“I see. Working for your hobby.”

“Wooow, you must make a lot of money!”

“At the beginning I was your average corporate grunt, but soon that wasn’t enough. I needed more money so I started a restaurant business. Now my chain is spread across the entire country. Feel free to drop in. Of course I’ll pay! Just give them my name and they’ll wave the cost.”

“Thank you. We’ll be sure to pay one a visit.”

“I’m worried about the restauraaant.”

“Hm, so this is your persuader. It’s an old version of the liquid gunpowder revolver and can be used to fire ammunition other than a bullet. This other persuader is well built and even has a laser sight (a device that uses a laser to display where the persuader is aimed) right under the barrel. Good idea! I’m going to copy it. This harmonica type silencer seems like it would reduce noise significantly. It’s got a slide lock mechanism so it won’t make a sound when shooting a sub-sonic .22 round. And this rifle, it can be disassembled in separate parts thanks to its intricate construction. This is really interesting, I’ve never seen one before. How is the accuracy while sniping? I’m guessing the country that made it had amazing technology. And all these persuaders are well used, but in great condition. Holding the hand persuaders I can feel the history and the hatred!”


“It probably does contain a lot of malice.”

“So Kino, you mind selling one, or even all three of these fine persuaders?”

“Hey Kino! A chance to name your price!”

“Um… how about this motorad-”

“Please no!”

“I’m joking Hermes.”

“Yep, I knew it.”


“Kino, what do you think? They’re perfect for my collection!”

“I’m just going to say it bluntly; I have no intention of selling any of my persuaders. It’s a shame, but I can’t part with them.”

“It’s okay, I wouldn’t sell any of mine either. It would’ve been a nice addition, but I guess it was inevitable. Thank you for declining up front.”

“It was unavoidable. Kino can’t go on with the journey without them.”

“What? Why? As long as you have Hermes it’s possible to keep going.”

“Well sure, but they’re needed for other purposes.”

“Hm? What? Other purposes?”

“Without them I can’t protect my life or Hermes’.’”

“Life? Protect? Why?”

“I mean there might be people or animals that may attack us so…”

“Whaaaaaaat! S-so Kino, you shoot humans and animals? You’ve shot them before?”

“Well, of course.”

“Ahhh! No!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t endure that! These wonderful gems, created from the wisdom of mankind! I can’t stomach the thought of soiling these metal works of art with the blood of others!”

“…………” “…………”

“I will never go on a journey!”


Dear Kino,

Thank you for visiting me and my collection yesterday.

I was glad to have seen your persuaders.

I know it’s a little sudden, but I’ve sent a knife type persuader.

The shop I got it from said it was rare, but I don’t want it.

The reason is because I dislike knives. I hate them. I haaaaate them!

Knives are barbarous tool that cause harm to people.

In this country more than 90% of murders are committed with knives. Just imagining such a horrific act, cutting a human alive; it makes me want to hurl. I don’t even like being in the kitchen because of them.

I was going to return it to the owner, but I thought that you may be able to use instead so I had it sent to your hotel.

As you can see it looks like a normal knife, but inside the grip are four chambers for .22 LR. When you pull the trigger, the double action mechanism allows it to shoot all four rounds consecutively.

Of course the range is very short.

I’ve also included a laser sight the size of a bullet.

You can use the laser by loading it into one of the chambers (you can only fire three rounds then). You can also use it the same way to adjust the sight on your persuaders.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the gift.

I hope your journey never ends!

Yours sincerely


“And that’s it Hermes. He was a strange man, start to finish.”

“You’re being too crank!”


“Yes that! – So what are you planning on doing with it? The gift.”

“We should… keep the things we get for free.”

“I thought you were going to say that. You always get new persuaders, wherever you go. Pretty soon you’re going to have a 100.”

“That would be quite a pain. You’d have to pull a wagon.”

“Not the wagon! Can you buy a bottomless pouch?”

“If it exists.”

“A knife type persuader. Will you actually use it?”

“I’m not sure… Honestly, I can’t think of a use.”

“Well whatever! We can always sell it! You do need to buy winter equipment, Kino.”

“Yeah, and I want to eat more.”

“Are you going to sleep? – Remember to buy tire studs in the next country. And there’s another thing I want you to get.”


“Skis to mount on my sides! Then we don’t have to worry about falling over in the snow!”

“Being able to drive more safely is good… but I’m surprised. I thought you hate being modified.”

“I do!  But it’s better than getting stuck!”

“Alright then, we’ll get winter equipment in the next country, but before that I’m going to eat my heart out.”

“Don’t fall asleep!”