Moe Speaker [English]


Download Links:

I tried creating an anime soundboard! Touch the character icons to play back iconic phrases.

I uploaded it onto the Amazon App Store.

But the Amazon App Store is kind of crap so I’ll put a direct download link as well.

Important Stuff to Note:

*Make sure to enable third party app installation after downloading

*This app is only for android phones

The Cuteness Included:

  • Kamimamita! – Hachikuji from the Monogatari Series
  • Nyanpass~ – Renge from Non Non Biyori
  • Cherio! – Kaname from Katanagatari
  • Suramappagii! – Yukko from Nichijou
  • Explosion! – Megumin from Konosuba
  • Yahharo! – Yuigahama from Oregairu
  • Ayaya Ayaya! – Karen from Kiniro Mosaic
  • Nicco Nicco Nii! – Nico from Love Live!
  • Tutturu~ – Mayushii from STEINS;GATE
  • Onigakattemasune – Rem from re:zero
  • Boku ha Kimegao de Souitta – Yotsugi from the Monogatari Series
  • Fight – Shiro from No game No life